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About the Artist

Geemon Xin Meng is the Director of the Vancouver Sculpture Studio.

He is an internationally-recognized professional sculptor working within the tradition of classic, figurative sculpture. After having received a rigorous education at the Fine Art & Design Central Academy of Beijing, he immigrated to Canada in 2004. A prolific artist with exceptional technical skill and vision, he focuses on developing a mastery of the medium while imbuing each sculpture with his own personal, contemporary vision. With over 35 years of experience as a sculptor, he has worked in a broad range of media — clay, fiberglass, marble, stainless steel, hammered copper, and bronze — creating both figurative and abstract works. In addition to teaching students at his Vancouver studio, Geemon was an Artist Mentor in the Master of Fine Arts program at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Geemon’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibits in Canada, China, the US and the UK. He uses a variety of styles and techniques in his works, and puts passion and unremitting effort into his figurative sculptures. Geemon's current goal is to focus on the concept of sculptural language and to create even more powerful works of art.

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